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Android users can rejoice as the newest build of Google Photos is finally here, towards the delight of everyone using this cool Android feature. With the arrival of build number, Android users will be able to benefit from the latest improvements the developer has made to the operating system’s Photos app.

Obviously, the new update will mostly impact users that are heavily involved in photography or even casually taking photos, but in a hardcore way if that makes sense. Taking a photo is only the beginning, as pushing it through Google Photos will allow the user to take its potential to infinity and beyond.

The editing functions allow you to tie up any loose end on your subtle profile picture to be, or put the finishing touches on a cool shot you took of an old lamp. Photography is considered art, and all art is meant to be shared. Google has taken this into consideration and implemented a series of sharing capabilities that are bound to get all your friends up to date on your latest snap, or at least the ones you want to share it with.

There is also a backup in place, just in case something happens to your phone. The new Google Photos app build improves the overall functionality of Google’s photo viewer and editor so that it will be even less likely for you to encounter a crash.

If you are interested in getting the latest version of Google Photos, all you need to do is check out the app’s page on Google’s PlayStore app market. Simply press the Update button and in a couple of seconds, your phone’s Photos app will be updated.