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Being widely considered one of the top, if not the best email service on the internet, Gmail has some contenders, namely Microsoft’s

Being the biggest email services available on the internet after the absorption of Hotmail by, along with Gmail, they bank over a billion distinct users and have basically the same approach to organizing your emails. They are also a bit different in some aspects and we are here to shed light on whether you should use Gmail or

Gmail’s been top of the food chain with great protection, 15GB of free storage and robust filters. They had over 900M active users starting from May 2015. Microsoft’s however is fairly new to the game and they only allow its users to access 5GB of space, slowly adjusting to the user’s needs and interests.  Unlike Gmail’s otherworldly users, can only boast with over 400 million active users.

They both have very similar products already built into their email client that facilitates a greater degree of simplicity for its users. Some years ago, Gmail was the go-to button when it came to email managing but is coming strong than ever before and the competition is looking pretty fierce for Gmail.

It is widely believed that if you are enjoying a more of a customizable experience where you could tweak the emails’ design to your personal preference. Outlook however is the perfect choice if you have a constant workflow or if you are using professional productivity app. It stays extremely simple yet ever so relevant to the point that it feels like the perfect office setting.

So, whether you are enjoying a nice interchangeable experience or prefer productive days at the office, they both offer top of the line features and high data protection to enable you to send as many emails as you might like without jeopardizing safety.