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As you know, Apple has released macOS 10.12.2, which fixed battery issues on the new MacBook Pro, but it eliminated the “time remaining” estimate feature that allowed users to know how much time they have left until the laptop runs out of battery.

The reason why this feature was removed is because the developers have found some errors in the code that was used to estimate battery consumption, but there’s a way to trick macOS to see the time remaining battery estimate.

Unfortunately, the battery problem was not solved, and the removal of the time remaining feature has pissed users off, but luckily, there’s a cheat to get it back. It is known that Activity Monitor is a system monitoring application that gives out time remaining estimates and in order to be directed to it, users will type in its name after hitting Command+Space on their MacBook.

After opening the application, users will go to the Energy tab that will inform them not only which apps are draining the battery, but it will also show a time estimate. This option can be found in Finder > Applications folder > Utilities, so it’s not complicated to reach it, although users were accustomed to checking the estimate from the top menu. But, at least it’s not necessary to install a third-party app in order to see the time remaining battery estimate.

On the other hand, it’s recommendable to install macOS 10.12.2 because, according to the change-log, it improved setup and reliability of Auto Unlock, it fixed an issue that caused the Touch Bar emoji picker to appear on the display, it solved the graphics issues on MacBook Pro (2016), it added support for taking screenshots of the Touch Bar using the Grab app or Cmd-Shift-6 shortcut, it fixed an issue with the delivery of Optimized Storage alerts, it fixed setup and opt-out experience for iCloud Desktop and Documents, it improved the stability of Photos when creating and ordering books etc.