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There are slim chances for someone that uses a smartphone to not have a clue what Facebook Messenger is. The Facebook derived app allows people to stay connected with their friends and family and always have the means to get in touch with people.

The new build for Facebook Messenger brings even more improvements in various categories pertaining to the app. The company is looking to improve the overall user experience by providing new and exciting features without ignoring the necessity of bug squashing and error fixing so you can expect a lot of that in the new build. While chatting with your friends, you will able to send photos and videos in a more refined manner as the process has been tweaked to fit the standards of today’s smartphone using community.

There’s no need to choose between multiple friends for a good chat. You can just invite them all to join your group chat where everyone can share and be part of the discussion. This allows users to be more productive but also just cut out a lot downtime which would have been caused by you chatting with just one person at a time.

If you are a very social person, Messenger is probably your best bet for a communication app since it’s already tied in with Facebook, the largest social media website on the planet. Now that you can use Facebook Messenger for both Facebook contacts as well as phone contacts, instant messages and carrier messages, there is no reason for you to ever look for another similar app.

Make sure you get the latest Facebook update to be on top of the fun with the latest features and performance tweaks. Whether you’re sending a sticker or starting a group conversation, you always have something to do with Facebook Messenger.

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