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If you’ve ever played Clash of Clans and enjoyed it, there’s a high chance for Clash Royal to be your kind of game. After all, we’re talking about two mobile games created by the same developer, which is Supercell. The best way to describe Clash Royale is by saying that the spinoff game takes a very strategy-heavy approach and the wittier player will tend to win more.

Regardless if you’re a new player, eager to start playing the hyped game right away, or a Clash Royale veteran (even though the game hasn’t been out for that long), chance is you’ll probably find something to improve your skills in the upcoming Clash Royale tricks that are meant to teach you how to always be successful on attacks.

Patience is key

A dire situation may present itself often while playing Clash Royale, in which your towers are getting brutalized with no response. The first instinct will be to rush defenses and counterattack but it’s not going to be the most efficient strategy. You want to wait until the opportune moment presents itself, so that when you finally strike, it will have a massive impact on your enemy’s defenses.

Base races

Clash Royale is all about taking down what is known as the King tower. If you are closer to that objective than your opponent, it generally means that you have a higher chance than your opponent to take down the King in the same amount of time. If this situation occurs, it’s ok to let down your guard and focus on pure offense. If you are closer to the objective, sacrificing outer towers to destroy your enemy’s King tower is well worth the trouble.

Elixir management

Elixir is the game’s resource and the way you utilize your Elixir will critically impact the outcome of the match. Both players are given the same amount of Elixir per second, so if you want to win, generally you want to put your resource to better use than your opponent.

There are other basic concepts that need to be mastered, such as knowing what all the available cards do, as well as what each individual type of unit is capable of. Having knowledge of these things will make you understand the game at a much deeper level and win more games.

On top of that, keeping these tips in mind will allow you to better strategize against each opponent you face.