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There are multiple unit classes in the popular Clash of Clans, one of them being the infamous witch. There are mixed feeling throughout the community in regards to the witch and her impact on the game as a whole. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the witch and what she can provide for your gameplay.

Witch stats

Just so you get an idea of what the witch offers, we will go over some stats from the game. At level 1, your witch will do 25 DPS (damage per second), with an attack speed of 0.7. Each hits the witch lands will hit the opponent for 17.5 damage and the total health witches have in the beginning of the game is 75. At level 2, the witch’s stats increase slightly in all departments, most considerably in HP (100 from 75) and DPS (30 from 25).

The power of skeletons

There are different strategies that players put in practice with the witch, but the main concept, or mechanic behind this unit is that you make use of its summoned skeletons. At both levels witches can summon 6-8 skeleton minions which are a major part of her kit. The skeletons are used to tank your enemy’s defenses while the witch unit chips at their structures. It’s a common yet efficient strategy which can be extended to include additional mechanics.

Timing is everything when you’re a witch

You can recognize if a player is experienced or just starting out by when he chooses to deploy his witch units. If you bring out your witch early, they won’t be that impactful. The true power of the unit lies with deploying it late into the fight.

The logic behind this tactic is that late into the game you will an array of units deployed and ready to enter the fray of battle. With so many threats heading their way, your enemies won’t have as much time to focus down your witch, which can now sit back and summon the skeletons which do the actually damage. Witches by themselves, or even individual skeletons, don’t do that much damage. However, if you group them up and have them attack the same structure, you will be surprised by how much damage they are able to put in.

Survivability and damage output

Witches have a low maximum HP, so they won’t need to take a lot of hits before they’re dead, That is obviously unacceptable if you intend to win, so make sure you keep them safe. They can only be useful for as long as they’re alive. A good way to do this is to deploy them spread out, so in case of enemy defenses still being around, they don’t all get taken out immediately.

Although it’s a good idea to spread them, you will want to keep them in the same general area. This way, witches and their summoned skeletons can put a lot of pressure on a specific zone, doing a lot of damage in the process. On their own, witches and their skeletons will be able to chunk down your enemy’s defenses quite efficiently given their way, but if you also pair them with a Rage Spell, there’s no doubt that your opponent will gulp in dismay.

While some might be unable to fully comprehend the qualities of the witch unit, a good player will surely appreciate witches and what they can bring to the table. By playing your cards (or in this case, your witches) right, you can completely pin your opponent against a wall and win each battle gloriously.