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As of last year people have been asking themselves which streaming box to buy. The game has changed and new technology came to surprise us. They are called streaming video sticks and they basically are smaller plug-and-play versions to larger and bulkier streaming boxes.

The most important detail to bear in mind is that they come as being extremely cheap, some even under $50. There are some downsides however as some customers might not be content with the small cables they come with or even having a dedicated remote. Being awfully cheap, one can think of many manufacturers have entered this field, but one of them stands on top of them all, and that’s Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

It’s extremely fast despite its size and even has its own services like Prime Video and Music, and if you’re a Prime member you’ll have access to all of those services. Becoming a Prime member will cost $99 per year. This can also be accessed through the Amazon Prime Video app but you won’t have access to starting an app via voice command as the Fire TV Stick lets you. You can also pause a TV Show or movie and the character information and cast will appear on the lower third of the screen.

The main competitor for Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is the Roku streaming stick which streams a whopping 3.500 channels. It’s still a good purchase and it can be found for about $50. The only downside is the lack of voice control. This issue can be resolved however by downloading an app which is not intuitive and the process of setting it up will most likely result in a headache.

A cheaper alternative is Google’s Chromecast which allows you to stream whatever you are watching on your phone or laptop. It also allows the user to stream YouTube videos. You can easily do this from the Google Home app, free on operating systems like Android or iOS or from specific apps that support Chromecast.