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The reason why Nintendo managed to gather such a huge fan following is because their NES Classic Edition console had a place in everyone’s childhood and also because it came with classic titles such as Mario, Smash Bros, Pac Man and more.

With that being said, it’s pretty clear why every gamer wants to own a Nintendo console, the only problem is that these gadgets are kind of hard to find because they are really old and the company stopped the production line a long time ago. Even though the NES Classic Edition is one of the rarest gaming consoles, fans should be happy to hear they can find the devices on Amazon right now.

Nintendo fans can acquire the classic console through Amazon Prime, but what we should mention is that Amazon only ships to Tampa, Richmond, D.C, ATL, Raleigh, Miami, Orlando, Baltimore and Virginia Beach. For that reason, readers should first check on Amazon Prime’s page if their region is covered before getting railed up.

The reason why the NES Classic can be found only on Amazon and not in official retailer stores is because it can be bought only from third party members. The price of the console starts at $210 right now, but that doesn’t include the extra $3.99 shipping price which is rather expensive considering that Nintendo sells the console for only $59.99, the only downside being that Nintendo doesn’t mass produce the consoles so fans have no other choice than to buy from third parties.

Customers should hurry up if they want to acquire the NES Classic because there aren’t that many units available on Amazon Prime and they might go out of stock. Even if all the units get sold out, customers should not worry because seeing the high demand for NES consoles, Nintendo announced that they will start the production line once again and make the devices available during the Christmas holidays.