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Windows 10 Creators Update will be released in early 2017 and will bring major changes. Microsoft is currently releasing builds for Windows 10 Insiders, who are testing out the upcoming features, and it seems that the company is giving Cortana more work to do, being expanded to Internet of Things devices. And this isn’t the last surprise that Microsoft has to drop, as the upcoming Creators Update will also support the delivery of game drivers with Commercial Windows Store games.

If a game is exclusive to Windows 10, then it won’t be supported on another gaming PC that runs on Windows 7. Some games offer cross-play options, which means that they can be played on PC and Xbox One console, and they will be bought only once.

When it comes to graphics support, some games from the Windows Store may require a certain version of DirectX or a newer driver version, otherwise they will not provide the best gaming experience.

A good example of how bad things worked with a game that was installed on a system with outdated drivers is the company’s own Forza Horizon 3, and fans were not very happy with the driver issues.

Companies inform users about new updates or offer automatic driver updates, but they must be downloaded and installed from the manufacturer’s website, which is a big waste of time.

This is why Microsoft wants to make things easier, by delivering video card drivers with games, so when a game will require certain minimum graphics drivers to be played on the device, they will be downloaded directly from the Windows Update directly to the system.

And since we’ve mentioned Cortana in our introduction, it seems that next year it will land on IoT devices with displays. Microsoft has already confirmed during the WinHEC conference that the digital personal assistant will live inside products such as smart home appliances, thermostats and many more, and it will respond to voice commands from distances of up to 13 feet.