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The new update for Viber can now be downloaded for Android, iOS, and PC. New features will be noticeable upon downloading the latest version of the app. Among the changes that will be experienced by users would include the slight color change. This will be the slight shift in hue, which can be very clear to the human eye.

Well, as colorful as it gets, Viber has also added features that are refined, relevant, and innovative, as it conforms to the daily needs of the users. Thus, in order to achieve a more focused and mature looking app, the developers have modified the app into a toned down purple color that should better convey trust, simplicity, and reliability.

Part of the highlighted changes to Viber includes support for Siri app and some notable enhancements in which incoming calls are being handled on the iOS platform. This will totally rock Apple device users as well as the new conversation background across different platforms. This new background is reported to match the color change, which should give the app a more polished and sleek look.

A new media sending menu has also been tested out, which will be available for all users. This new menu allows users to send videos and images in as quickly as 3 taps only. Likewise, the new menu will include quick access to voice note recordings being sent upon the release of the tap or canceled upon swiping to the left.

In this new version, some logistical updates are also introduced, which will have an impact to the terms and conditions. This is where the changes were being made, so it is important that users understand them. Here are the highlights of the Terms and Policies in the new Viber.

  • Bulk Messaging Restriction ­– this new update will keep Viber free from spam by placing restriction on users who plan to use technical solutions in sending bulk messages to a number of users all at once.
  • Credit for Viber Out – there will be an expiry of one year or 365 days after the purchase date. Users will then be notified when the expiry date nears.
  • Privacy Policy – user security and privacy are a priority to Viber, which will never be changed. Viber is committed to this, so the developer has introduced the end-to-end encryption as of April 2016, as they have updated their privacy policy that will clearly reflect on it.

Information that has been received from interactions with the public services enables Viber to provide a personalized experience and improve the services that are relevant to the users. However, this has been made without infringing the intimate and private communications with users and their loved ones.

The said information that might be used to personalize user experience will include the following:

  • Public chats and public platforms – this will be the information that you have interacted and viewed with, such as messages being liked and viewed websites via links in Public Chats.
  • Viber Games – information about games you have downloaded from Viber in which you have played as well.
  • Rakuten – shows whether a suspicious Rakuten user may have had an activity on Viber or otherwise.

Viber updates can be downloaded from their website or via your own mobile devices. You can visit the Web page to know more about this update.

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