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Niantic Labs just released their Gen 2 update which brought a bunch of new Pokemon including the likes of baby Pikachu and baby Magmar. What’s interesting about this patch is that for some reason Niantic Labs decided not to unveil any details about this patch and chose to surprise players instead.

What Niantic Labs didn’t count on is that the Pokemon community already managed to gather details regarding the update using the game’s source code that helped the community find out about the game’s new features and even to guess some of the Gen 2 baby Pokemon.

Seven Gen 2 Baby Pokemon

The Pokedex has been updated and the full list of Gen 2 baby Pokemon has been unveiled. Right now we are going to present the seven newly introduced Pokemon.

  • Elekid, evolved into Electabuzz;
  • Pichu, evolves into Pikachu;
  • Magby, evolves into Magmar;
  • Smoochum, evolves into Jynx;
  • Cleffa, evolves into Clefairy;
  • Igglypuff, evolves into Jigglypuff;
  • Tyrogue, evolves into Hitmontop, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee.

In order to hatch the baby eggs Pokemon Go players will be required to walk different distances, right now we only know that the player has to walk 2KM to hatch the Igglypuff and Cleffa eggs and 5KM for the Togepi and Pichu eggs.

It looks like Niantic Labs has decreased the catch rates for these Pokemon, maybe because they are still new and the developing company doesn’t want players to catch the Gen 2 Pokemon in the first day.

There might be another for not seeing any of the new Pokemon on social media, and that reason is because those eggs might require 10KM of walking before they hatch and that can take a while. Even if the update doesn’t contain as many Pokemon as we wanted, it’s still a great addition.