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Following AT&T’s DirecTV launch, there are now three streaming TV services to opt for. These services however have some problems that fans want to be fixed as soon as possible but the important idea is that we have to chose between DirecTV, PlayStation Vue and Sling TV.

Coming as the most costing streaming TV service, Sony’s PlayStation Vue comes with its perks to differentiate itself from its competitors as it is the only service to offer CBS, making football fans extremely content.

It comes with a solid interface, DVR and an option to play concurrent streams which is a great addition for families. If you apt for an entry-level tier, the value you get for your money is pretty slim. The recommended option is $54.99. Judging this price, AT&T offers more than 100 channels for $35 per months via its DirecTV. If you want to have access to HBO, you’ll need to pay at least $74.99.

Sling TV comes as the veteran on this list, being the first service to pull users from cable and permitted Sony and AT&T to hop on the streaming train. Sling TV is extremely simple yet efficient and it offers great deals in regard to its competitors. Over 40 channels are available for $25 via Sling Blue, including the NFL Network. Just like the PS Vue, Sling offers some extra add-ons such as a $10 sports option and $15 for HBO and Starz.

Last but definitely not least the newest player on the Market, namely AT&T’s DirecTV offers a great deal of channels at the lowest price possible. Those who opt for DirecTV will get over 100 channels for just $35 a month. Conclusions whether it’s good or bad cannot be drawn because the service is extremely new.

The greatest trait of DirecTV is that you get a lot of channels for the cheapest price possible and to top it off on-demand content can be accessed as well. Oh, and HBO is available for just $5.