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The new Pokemon Go update came as a disappointment for many fans. Many hoped for the launch of Legendary Birds or even the likes of Mewtwo while others wanted a full Gen 2 roster. Seven new baby Pokemon were added to the game and players got some mixed feelings regarding the little guys. This addition was regarded as making the game feel like you have to pay to win at it.

As some events featured some free to play content, like for Halloween players could catch some Ghost Pokemon and get candy and for Thanksgiving players got double XP. This time however players that opt not to pay for stuff that would accelerate the progress find themselves at a disadvantage to those that for example have nine incubators instead of one.

These seven new Pokemon will be available quicker to those who pay for additional incubators. F2P players will have to go through a brutal process of walking from 2km to 10.

Judging by the season, almost no one will be pleased of walking the extra mile to hatch these Pokemon especially when they are added in the overall loot pool thus making it a gamble to work for something you don’t even know if you are getting. The 10km eggs are obscenely rare and players will be in for a hell of a disappointment if they get a random Elekid or Magby when they wanted more important Pokemon.

This update will awkwardly introduce Gen 2 Pokemon in a not so appealing manner. This is not the update players wished for as they hoped for Legendaries. Maybe the partnership with Sprint may seem as a marketing tool to deliver more PokeStops to hatch your baby-specific eggs.

Players that have no access to such partnerships will have to find the eggs normally. It will be hard for them to work toward mixing up old and new eggs while having the possibility to hatch something that they already own.