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Web browsers are easy to come by, but it’s not as simple to find a web browser that is actually good and performs well in the mobile environment. Originally designed for computers, browser developers had to drastically adjust when the market shifted hard towards mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Getting a good grip on the new rising market meant staying alive in the tech business, so mobile web browser started to emerge not long after smartphones became the norm in terms of mobile phone devices.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the top solutions for both desktop and mobile browsing, but today we’ll be focusing on the latter. The release of the newest Mozilla Firefox APK, specifically the 50.1.0 build of the Firefox app, users are exposed to an improved browsing experience, with a lot of issues regarded in previous installments being removed or mended.

There are a lot of features that make Firefox a worthy competitor to the Android favorite, Google Chrome. For starters. Users are able to install an add-on for pretty much anything, which is reminiscent of the old days of computer browsing. When add-ons started to pop up, users would have them by the dozen, stacked underneath the browser’s search bar. That is no longer the case, as both users and browser alike have become smarter.

Today’s add-ons, especially on mobile platforms, won’t be so obvious and bothering to the eye, but rather more helpful in getting tasks done.

Mozilla also prides itself with the security it provides, so you can imagine the latest Firefox 50.1.0 app build is rock solid when it comes to user privacy and personal data safety To get the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, it’s enough to make a quick trip to Mozilla’s official website.