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The tech giants Apple and Microsoft announced new flagship devices in October. Microsoft revealed the Surface Studio and an improved Surface Book whilst apple introduced two Macbook Pros sporting a 13 inch and 15-inch screens with a touch bar to be found somewhere around the keyboard.

Microsoft stated that the best month for Surface series sales was November. At the same time, they named Apple’s Macbook Pro as being “disappointing” which is not entirely false knowing that their targeted audience and professional markets which prefer Microsoft Surface devices rather than Macbooks.

Surface Pros enjoyed a great degree of popularity in the US mainly due to the fact that Macbook Pros enjoyed a fair share of negativism because of their trade-in program.

Reviews that praise Microsoft’s Surface in detriment of the Macbook are coming out on a daily basis making Microsoft’s developers to enjoy their fair share of pride because that proves they are doing great work.

On the other hand, Apple fans are not entirely pleased about the new Macbook. Complaints came one after another about Apple’s partnership with AMD who provide the Macbook’s graphics chip making it impossible for a later update if one wishes to do so. To add salt to the wound, the new Macbook was described as a liability in regard with the Surface’s overall performance.

Sales of the Surface went through the roof on the first day it was release in the US due to the fact that Best Buy issued a bundle for fans to enjoy. UK customers were also not left out and reports show that it was the best single week for Surface products in this respective region. The first couple of months of 2017 will show another increase in sales for Microsoft due to the fact that they will include Surface-branded devices all across the world.

Another boost in sales is the giant Surface Hub which was shipped to over 2000 customers in 24 states exceeding the company’s expectations. Microsoft also boasted about a 1500 unit order which was placed by an important manufacturer in the automotive industry.

For those who don’t know the Surface Hub is a large interactive whiteboard equipped with a 84 or 55-inch touchscreen sporting Windows 10 and high-end specs. Both can be regarded as huge all-in-one computers.