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With the launch of Apple’s latest iOS installment, namely iOS 10, a large portion of the community was hoping to receive a Jailbreak solution for the newest firmware in due time.

Needless to say, that never happened. Some time ago, infamous Jailbreak developer Pangu reached out to state that an iOS 10 Jailbreak is on the way and that users should expect a release when Apple releases the 10.2 build.

Besides Pangu, the community also received assurance for a new Jailbreak from Luca Todesco, which is known around the internet for his hacking work. He was also unable to make good on his promise, letting the iPhone user base down.

Apparently, the long beta phase that Apple put iOS 10.2 through paid off as modifications made during the seventh phase of beta made it very hard for anyone to crack Apple’s software and come up with a Jailbreak solution.

With no foreseeable release date in sight for iOS 10.2 Jailbreak, users are advised by those expected to provide the jailbreaking tool to switch to iOS 10.1.1. According to them, this build is much easier to crack and also would provide a more reliable stage for setting up an iOS 10.2 jailbreaking process.

It’s been three months since Apple officially launched its iOS 10 operating system. While some were expecting the OS jailbreak to take a while before coming out, few imagined that we would reach the end of the year without receiving it.

The situation looks dire for those relying on the release of iOS 10’s Jailbreak. By the looks of things, there will probably not be any release scheduled for the remainder of 2016. The month of January however brings a fresh start for everyone and it is possible we might find out more then.