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It’s been quite some time since Apple’s iOS 10.2 first appeared on the operating system’s beta platform. After 7 stages, the beta phase for iOS 10.2 has finally ended and the developer was able to launch the firmware to eager iPhone and iPad consumers.

If you’re interested in getting the latest update, a quick trip to your iTunes is enough to get you started on the free software download.

TV series enthusiasts will be glad to hear that Apple has implemented a new TV app which serves the purpose of providing users with useful information regarding TV content, introducing them to new shows and giving them the inside scoop on ones they already watch. A vast array of cable TV providers are also compatible with Apple’s new single sign-on feature, which debuted in iOS 10.2.

The concept behind the feature is that a user can sign with their cable subscription credentials once to gain access to all the features presented across various TV related apps. Hotwire, CenturyLink Prism and GVTC are just a few entries on the list of supported providers.

The second update to Apple’s iOS 10 also brings us an enhanced emoji selection, with many of the already existent emoji receiving a counterpart of the opposite gender. In addition, Apple also included over 100 new, never before seen emoji, to even further bring color to iOS conversations.

Several tweaks tending to both performance and photo organization have been implemented to the Photos app, such as an improved frame rate speed in regards to Live Photos. These changes raise the overall quality of the Photos app.

While there are no incredible, game changing implementations into iOS 10.2, it was to be expected since we’re talking about a minor patch and not a major update as was the case with the transition from iOS 9 to iOS 10. Nevertheless, there are many features that are bound to please each user category.

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