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Google’s Chrome 55 firmware version has brought forth some important changes and one of them is actually quite massive. We’re talking of course about the removal of Adobe Flash Player as the default solution for animated content.

Up until now, users would have Flash baked into their web browser, which was very convenient since it would automatically updated whenever a new version came out. This meant you never had to check Adobe’s website for updates and manually download and install a new build.

Adobe Flash Player had a good run but unfortunately for Adobe, it has come to an end as everyone is slowly moving away from the plugin. This has to do with multiple factors, including the fact that theFlash technology is over 20 years old.

No matter how many updates you throw onto it, it’s still outdated at the core. This ties in with another major factor which led to Flash’s dethroning. The latter half of 2016 has found Adobe struggling with critical threats and attacks which were constantly swarming to break through discovered security backdoors. User systems were tremendously vulnerable by having Flash enabled, thus many have chosen to just disable it.

While many users and developers alike had started moving away from Flash, the downfall of Adobe’s product became official once Google completely replaced it, making HTML5 the default choice for its Chrome browser.

By default, content will now run using HTML5 but Flash will still be available within the browser as a backup plan. Also, website that don’t support HTML5 will continue to use Flash, as will the top ten websites in the world.

Outside of these exceptions, users can expect to see HTML5 on the job, with the first 1% of Chrome users that are on version 55 getting the feature right away. The rest of Chrome users will progressively receive it in the following months.