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Grand Theft Auto’s long running series is currently entertaining masses on the multiplayer platform based on the developer’s latest installment, GTA 5. GTA Online has received several updates since its launch, and it is that for the insanely addictive multiplayer mode to get another DLC.

The latest DLC for GTA Online is called Import/Export and it adds a new dynamic to the game. While players will still have to see to the usual stuff such as killing their competition, making large amounts of many and building a name in the city, they will now be able to boost expensive cars to earn even more money. As this new business opportunity emerges, a new series of jobs and challenges await eager players.

According to Rockstar, which have made a statement on the new GTA Online DLC, the range of new cars that will become available will be of the exotic variation. Those with an affinity for expensive, extravagant vehicles have quite a treat coming their way. There will also be a series of special vehicles that you will require in order to complete certain jobs.

Although the game will bring more challenging adventures, you will still have to keep an eye on both other players looking to make it themselves in the big city, but also the police, which is relentlessly chasing GTA players since the day the first game in the franchise launched.

With all the new cars coming our way, Rockstar wanted to make sure there is enough room to store them. That being said, the Import/Export DLC will also include executive office garage spaces where up to 60 cars can be stored.

There is further customization available with players have the option of adding auto shops and preferential interior design.