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It can’t be denied that Gmail can now be used on different platforms, be it on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. For this reason, it is important to understand how it works on your type device to maximize its functionality and utility. Here are some of the most popular updates intended for various platforms.

Gmail for iOS

The official app will allow users to read and write emails from any iOS device. This should have an attractive design, support for multiple accounts, and instant communications.

This version of Gmail for iOS should include most of the options that you can find in the Gmail app for the Web. Thus, you will be able to manage multiple accounts, save attachments flawlessly, and search for messages in any of the folders.

Among the many features included in Gmail are group discussions, bookmarks, push notifications being customizable, and ability to view offline emails after downloading.

Gmail for iOS is making mobile email to be simple yet well organized. Despite the challenges of writing emails through a smartphone shouldn’t be so ideal, the development of Gmail has changed the game, as it has now made composition and management of messages so easy.

The most recent updates include several changes, such as the following:

  • Undo Send – this will prevent any emails sent but wasn’t supposed to be in order to avoid embarrassing mistakes;
  • Search – this option will be able to search things a lot faster with a number of spelling suggestions and instant results; and
  • Swipe to Archive/Delete – this will immediately clear out any content found on you inbox.

Aside from having a sleek and practical design, it allows the separation of social, main inboxes, and promotion. It has also allowed the integration to Google Drive. However, it will be a headache to users, as they will find it difficult to delete huge amounts of email content.

Gmail for Android

  • Organized Inbox – ability to sort out promotional and social messages into categories that you can read messages from family and friends.
  • Lesser Spamming – before spam will be able to go to your inbox, Gmail will block it to keep your account safe and to maintain a clutter free email service.
  • Provides Storage of 15GB – deleting messages should be irrelevant as it has a lot of space available for storage.
  • Offers Multiple Account Support – it will be a lot easier to use Gmail and non-Gmail addresses from the app itself. This means that you will be able to use any address from any other mail service online.

The latest update will allow the editing of text in line or copy paste content from the Internet but still keeping the original formatting style. The update for Gmail for Android though is dependent on the version of Android installed on your device.

Gmail for Windows

Gmail has also been redesigned to conform perfectly to the stunning features of Windows 10. This is contrary to the previous update that has shut down user access to Google Calendar in Windows 8.1. Thus, the new update will now enable support for Calendar, Mail, and People apps, which Google has originally supported.

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