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The goal of Dropbox is to be made available on every device that people use. Throughout the years it tried to incorporate itself with the Microsoft Office package. As normal as this may sound the company made its debut on a rather unfamiliar platform, namely the Xbox One.

As unfamiliar as this may sound the Xbox One is a computer to begin with, the only difference to others is that you need a TV to run it. Dropbox’s idea of developing software to be used on Xbox came to life because of the constant need of a system that makes file sharing easier, even in front of the biggest TV that you own. This allows users to make use of their files without needing a HDMI cord.

Xbox One users can upload pictures taken with Kinect right into Dropbox. Not only is this a great feature but once logged in you could also share and stream video files to the Xbox One. This feature will come as a blessing for those who own a large video library and have no actual way of playing their content on a large screen. One could also use an USB drive to upload files to the Xbox and then save them in a Dropbox account.

Regarding the development of the app, the project proved to be a rather simple one regarding transforming the idea of having Dropbox on an Xbox to actual reality. Making it easier to develop an app, the interface provided by Microsoft still had to put some things through change in order to make it work, namely to help the user control the app with an Xbox controller.

The theme had to be changed as well to match the current advances in technology regarding TV display. This led to a theme with more contrast and darkness in order for users not to feel tired.

Another alternative for Dropbox is actually on the market for quite some time, namely Microsoft’s OneDrive which has been available on the Xbox One for quite some time but with little to no success as Dropbox’s rise in popularity is taking over other similar apps. Making Dropbox available on Xbox is a brilliant strategy as millions would like to have their photos or videos at such close proximity that will enable them to access data at any given point in time.

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