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Apple users are eagerly awaiting the release of the company’s latest tablet efforts which are reported to replace two of the company’s popular tablet lines, the iPad Air and the iPad Mini. As we slowly approach the release date of the upcoming iPad Pro 2, rumors have sparked discussions about what the devices will offer and also the potential end of the other two tablet series.

Speculations point towards a total of three models for the upcoming tablet, varying from 7.9 inches to 12.9 inches. The middle alternative is believed to be a tablet with a display measuring no more than 10.9 inches.

If what is said about the Pro 2 is true, users can expect the next Apple device to almost completely lack a bezel, with the exception of a front portion on the top side of the front panel. This section still requires a bezel for the implementation of the Face Time camera which will carry on from previous models. The Home button it seems, won’t be as lucky and will potentially be tossed from the design as per Apple’s latest design policy changes which include less buttons and ports.

While Apple is known for offering premium devices at considerable higher costs than its competitors in exchange for reliable quality, there might still be hope for the low-budget consumer. The 9.7 inch variation is rumored to be the low cost A9X processor housing device that Apple customers with thinner wallets have been waiting for.

While some of these speculations look intriguing, we will have to wait until more information gets leaked or officially announced. In their current state, these rumors are only teasing users and aren’t able to help them get a grasp of what they can expect from the iPad Pro 2.