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The prime video streaming service from Amazon is only available for prime members. If you are an eligible member of the Amazon Prime, you will have premium access to thousands of titles without paying for additional fees.

Here are some notable features of the Amazon Prime Video website.


  • It is only given to members of Amazon Prime that have paid for the membership.
  • There is a trial membership that lasts up to 30 days.
  • Trial membership also applies for Amazon Student, which will allow a total of 6 months.

This feature is not available though, for customers who were previously invited to share shipping benefits with a Prime member.

How to Find Prime Titles

It should be easy looking for Prime titles by simply going to Included with Prime or Prime Video categories that can be found on the home screen of the Amazon Video. If you are searching from your mobile browser or computer, simply go to the Prime Video shortcut.

At the same time, you can also notice that there is a Prime logo or Watch Now with Amazon Prime option in the video details.

When using Search to look for specific titles on many devices, you can utilize the Ways to Watch or Refine filters to show only the available Prime titles.

Prime Title Availability

Take note that the selection of TV shows and movies that are available with Prime Video is changing from time-to-time. At this point, new titles will be added to the Prime Video catalog or titles are occasionally removed.

You can also notice that when a title is found on your Watchlist is going to leave soon, the removal date will typically be displayed on the video details.

Troubleshooting Prime Video

Some of the common solutions are included here, when you find yourself having trouble watching Prime titles.

  • Device Registration – it is important to check your registration details as your device should require registration to the Amazon account where you used to set up your Amazon Prime Video or Prime membership. You can also learn more about this by visiting the amazon website.
  • Membership Status Check – you need to keep your Amazon Prime membership active in order to continue enjoying the privileges of being a member. You can check this out from the Manage Your Prime Membership page found in Your Account. You will be notified via a notification that will display above the screen, assuming your membership is not active anymore.
  • Location Checking – ensure that you are visiting the site and accessing the Prime Video from a location that is eligible. For instance, you will be restricted to access the site if you are a customer not living in the UK. This is due to the licensing agreements. However, there is an exception that should apply for selected Amazon Originals titles that you can watch while you are abroad.

You can enjoy watching your favorite TV show or movie titles if you are a legit member of Amazon Prime Video. Otherwise, you will only have limited validity and you will eventually lose access to these videos.