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While for the majority of the tech world, stepping away from Adobe Flash Player in favor of the now superior, more capable HTML5 seems like a complete revolution, for Apple and their iOS platform it might just look like competition is finally catching up. During the pinnacle of Flash popularity, Apple was known for not providing support for Flash (at all).

The claim that Flash wasn’t a solution for the feature wasn’t very popular when Flash was very much so, but at the helm of the accusations stood Steve Jobs, then-CEO of Apple. According to him, embracing Flash was a bad idea because it was not the technology’s design to support mobile device and the touch screen philosophy that it was approaching.

A former Apple employee has now finally revealed what the real reason behind Apple staying away from Flash was. According to the employee, Bob Burrough, Steve Jobs claimed that Flash wasn’t good but at the same time took an interest into fixing all the existent problems.

However, before he could go ahead and proceed with fixing Flash, he needed Adobe’s reassurance that they would collaborate with Apple. It all boils down to the Adobe CEO not answering Steve Job’s phone calls, therefore the Apple CEO giving up on his initiative.

Back then, the Apple founder was heavily mocked and criticized for not implementing Flash support into the Apple platform while competitor Android was all over it. It’s been around a decade since, and people seem to be arriving at the conclusion that Jobs was right all along, considering all the problems and security liabilities Adobe Flash Player presents at the moment.

Even though it took them a long time, the other tech developers are now abandoning Flash, with Google leading the charge and replacing it with HTML5 as the default solution for the Chrome browser.