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According to the latest reports, Adobe Flash Player is slowly “dying” and its days are already numbered. As we most of you already know, the Adobe Flash Player was a very popular tools that has been used by web developers to showcase their Flash content on their websites.

Unfortunately, this multimedia plugin comes with many security issues, which existed for years. Adobe is now trying to fix all issues and bugs, but it seems that they are quite late, because HTML5 is now “stealing” a good amount of users already.

According to the latest reports, a few big companies have already ditched the Adobe Flash Player and opted for HTML5. It seems that HTML5 is more secure and it comes with fewer bugs and issues than the old Adobe Flash Player.

We remind you that earlier this year, Mozilla and Microsoft have mentioned that they are planning to lessen the need for Flash in Firefox and Edge browsers. At the same time, Apple has stopped supporting Adobe Flash Player on its iPhones for quite a while and now it has disabled the mentioned app in macOS Sierra by default.

It seems that Google is now preparing to “finish” things off, as it’s been a while since the company has clearly showed that it wants to ditch the Adobe Flash Player and make room for the more stable and bug-free HTML5. Last Friday, the company has confirmed that it will finally make HTML5 the default application that will be used to play multimedia content.

We’ve told you in some previous articles that it is just a matter of time until HTML5 will replace Adobe Flash Player. It seems that this is now happening and the last days of Adobe Flash Player are numbered.

What are your thoughts about the Adobe Flash Player?