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Google Chrome has just been updated recently and it was not in favor of Adobe Flash Player. In fact, Chrome has replaced Flash with the new HTML5 platform. In a recent report, Google has reportedly proposed making HTML5 as its default player over Flash. Upon its latest release with Chrome 55, Google has almost completed the transition.

This update has enabled HTML5 as its default, but it will use Flash Player if the website is dedicated only to Flash or if that site is one of the top 10 on the Internet. Otherwise, users will be notified to enable Flash when they first visit the site.

Switching from Adobe Flash Player to HTML5 has already been planned for some time now. For this reason, any Flash content that will attempt to run behind the scenes on websites will now be blocked by Chrome. As a matter of fact, this was already done in the past couple versions already.

This transition from Flash to HTML5 was expected to provide a better performance, most especially in terms of faster load times and increased security for Web pages. In addition, the use of Chrome 55 will now enable the automatic hyphenation in CSS, which should help with the look of text blocks as well as line wrapping, according to a reliable source.

Google Chrome 55 has been available for Linux, Mac, and Windows desktop operating systems. However, there are no reports yet when it will come to smartphones. Upon the release of this version, it will provide expanded download options to better facilitate the viewing of images, videos, and Web pages offline.

However, the phasing out of Chrome for Adobe Flash Player would not mean that it would be the end of the multimedia platform. Nevertheless, this would deal a blow for the prominence of Flash among Internet browsers.

On the other hand, you can disable the use of HTML5 by default if you prefer the use of Adobe Flash Player. Simply type in about:flags in the search or address bar on your Google Chrome 55. You should look for the option saying Prefer HTML over Flash, which you should set to disabled.

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