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The future is here, every other major tech company is working on releasing a new virtual reality headset and it looks like Xiaomi is the next in line. The Chinese manufacturer which is known for creating both reliable and affordable devices has just unveiled their latest gadget, the Xiaomi Mi VR Play. The company is keeping their tradition and they priced the VR headset at only $15, which makes Xiaomi’s device the cheapest VR headset on the market.

This is great news for us, customers everywhere because this will only lower the prices of other headsets that are trying to compete with the Chinese manufacturer.

The company stated that their device was designed especially to bring more uses for smartphones and to give their customers a chance to feel how immersive 360 degree videos and photos can be for the price of only $15. The device is definitely going to make a huge impact worldwide, especially in China where the company is based at.

Xiaomi announced that their VR headset will be launched on December 21 and it will be first spotted on their Mi online store. What customers should keep in mind is that the VR headset will be made available in only a limited quantity so they need to hurry if they want to get their hands on it.

Another great feature that users can take advantage of is Google ‘cardboard camera app that gives users the option to take 360 degree photos. The Mi VR Play is compatible with other cardboard apps such as YouTube, Proton Plus and Titans of Space.

The device will ship bundled with a Lycra band that can is enhanced for comfort and it can be acquired in either the 4.7 inch or the 5.7 inch screen. The VR headset is quite light weighing only 208.7 grams and has the size of 201x107x91 mm.