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The upgrade cycle for console devices used to be once every 8 years or so. Both Microsoft’s Xbox and the Sony PlayStation would live through numerous game generations before finally upgrading their specs. That is no longer the case as the relatively new Xbox One and PS 4 have already received upgrades in the form of Xbox One S and PS4 Pro.

The former is ready to take it to the next step in the near future with the release of the anticipated Xbox Scorpio. Xbox Scorpio was announced as a high end, premium solution for console gamers that want more and are willing to pay the price.

Xbox One S brought 4K to consoles for the first time and offered users an otherwise similar product but the upcoming upgrade is believed to take things further.

Due to these expectations, many were wondering how high the price would go. Xbox chief Phil Spencer was asked about this and his response was able to reassure Xbox fans. Spencer went on to say that the upcoming Scorpio console will maintain a console level price since it doesn’t intend to compete against high end gaming PCs.

That being said, it is still expected for Xbox Scorpio to have a noticeable price increased since it offers the very best in terms of a console experience. It is only logical that the premium version costs more than the regular model and the slightly improved Xbox One S.

Once the Scorpio projects hits the market, users will probably have access to a backwards compatibility program similar to the one currently growing in number of supported games from Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

Recently, a new list of iconic games has been added to the program, including Burnout Paradise, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion or Medal of Honor Airborne.