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Samsung experienced both sides of the smartphone market feedback this year with its Galaxy S8 and Note 8 flagship devices. On one hand, the Galaxy S7 was met with critical acclaim, being one of the best sellers of the year. Its great design and abundance of features made it so that Samsung had a sturdy net to fall on in case of something negatively massive coming its way. And it did.

The Galaxy Note 7, which is the latest handset in Samsung’s phablet series has seen the completely opposite spectrum of the market to the point where it even got called back. This was due to an internet problem with the device that caused devices to explode, obviously posing too great of a risk for consumers.

It looks like Samsung is looking to completely erase these events from the minds of its customers, with the addition of two new devices. The rumors have begun to circulate regarding the features present on the S8 and Note 8, the most consistent being directed at the upcoming displays.

Apparently, one of the devices will sport a bendable display, which users will be able to fold as they please. This concept has been in development for a long time, with Samsung even showcasing the concept a couple of years back.

It looks like it might have finally clicked on every level over at the Korean manufacturer’s HQ, and the technology is now ready to use.

The other speculations revolve around Samsung wanting to bring out a device with two displays. One would traditionally boast on the front panel while the other would be placed on the back panel. This is a never before attempted concept that is bound to, at the very least, spark some interesting discussions among Samsung users and tech savvy consumers alike.