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Exactly two years ago was released Skype Translator in English and Spanish and since then there were added new languages, including Arabic, Italian, mandarin and Russian. The latest expansion of the real-time Skype translation tool covers now mobile and landline numbers, but only Windows 10 Insiders have access to the new features, through the Skype Preview app.

Skype Translator uses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, being able to learn to train artificial neural networks and improve itself while listening to more conversations. There are in total more than 50 supported languages in text-based instant messaging which are converted instantly, while spoken chats can be converted across nine languages.

However, until now, Skype Translator was limited to Skype-to-Skype calls and users wanted this tool to be expanded to cover mobile phones and landlines, since the application introduced calls to non Skype users. The expansion of Skype Translator to mobile and landline numbers will help journalists transcribe interviews without wasting time listening to the conversation again and extracting text from it.

In order to use this feature, you must sign up to the Windows Insider program, but is available to everyone, and then add credit in your Skype (Preview) account, so you can call mobile and landline numbers.

When making the call, the other person will hear a short message saying that the call is being recorded and translated through Skype Translator, and then the conversation will start. The machine will immediately process the words and the interpretation will be provided in real time.

We don’t know when the translation smarts will leave the beta testing program, as Microsoft hasn’t offered more details, so it might take some time until it will be open to the public. Until then, journalists and businesses will take advantage of this feature and help the developers improve its functionality.