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Nintendo Switch is the latest console device to hype up the video game industry. The Wii manufacturer is venturing into new territory by providing their fanbase a device capable of performing both traditional console tasks as well as portable device duties. The machine is quite innovative and has definitely created quite the buzz around the internet ever since its teaser trailed has been released not that long ago. The fresh concept that it offers makes for a new exciting experience which is bound to give big dogs Xbox and PlayStation a run for their money.

The way the Switch is going to work is by offering a normal video game console which you can connect to your TV and play with a controller from the comfort of your couch.

However, we all know that there are moments when duty calls or other factors require us to leave the house. In these cases, you can just take the Nintendo Switch with you and continue playing from where you left off. The device has a screen on the front panel which will substitute the large flat screen TV as well as it can. The sides of the Switch will also come off and transform into nonconventional controllers.

With one in each hand, you will be ready to continue your adventure in one of the many games already announced for the platform, including Legend of Zelda, NBA and Skyrim.

The Nintendo device has been recently showcased at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. During the presentation, fans could see the CE mark on the back of the console, meaning that it meant to be sold in Europe rather than having a region free status. This left many in disarray but more details are needed to fill in the gaps.

Once the system reaches its release date, fans will be able to find out more about it.