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Yesterday was a busy day for the American conglomerate corporation, as two of its operating systems have received new official updates. iOs 10.2 has released for iPhones, Ipods and iPads, which brings new wallpapers, new Unicode 9 emoji and a new TV app that shows users where their favorite TV series or movies are streamed (Netflix is not supported), as well as a new feature that makes it easier for users to login once to authenticate their cable or satellite service and have access to all of their streaming television apps. The other big release is watchOS 3.1.1, more about it we’ll tell you below.

We’ll start by saying that iOS 10.2 has added a new “Celebration” effect to the Messages app, while Emergency SOS feature will come in handy when users will be in trouble and they will need to alert the authorities or an ambulance.

They will call for help by tapping five times on the power button that will set off a three-second countdown, and this can be done in the following countries: the US, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, and the U.K. iOS 10.2 can be installed by going to Settings > General > Software Update and tapping on Download and Install button that’s located at the bottom of the screen.

As for watchOS 3.1.1, according to the change-log, it doesn’t have any major changes, only bug fixes, as follows:

  • It fixed the issue that prevented contact names from appearing in the Messages app and notifications;
  • It fixed an issue that prevented users from responding to notifications (sometimes);
  • It fixed an issue where the Stocks complication didn’t update on the watch face;
  • It fixed an issue that prevented the Activity rings from displaying on the Activity watch faces;
  • It fixed an issue that prevented the dials on an analog watch face from appearing after changing the temperature unit in the Weather app;
  • It fixed issue that caused the Maps app to stay launched after navigation has ended;
  • It fixed an issue where the incorrect date was displayed in the Calendar app month view.

watchOS 3.1.1 will be downloaded and manually installed from General > Software Update.