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Gmail is Google’s most popular application and YouTube comes second. There are millions of people who watch videos on this video-sharing website every day, but when they’re not in front of their PC, they launch the app on their mobile device and connect to a wireless network or use cellular data to connect to the internet.

The only downside of the mobile version was that users couldn’t jump a few seconds when watching a longer video, but this feature was added in the latest update.

So far, YouTube viewers were able to jump only a few minutes, but thanks to the latest version 11.47, users will double tap on the video to go forward or back up to ten seconds. The double tap to seek feature is now rolling out globally and it makes it easier for users to jump back to see something they’ve missed.

The thing is that the feature isn’t enabled by default, so users will need to do something to make it work. So, they will head to their device’s Settings and tap on the YouTube app, then select Storage, Clear data and return to the application like normal. Only after taking these steps, it will be possible to tap on either the left (to go back) or right (to go forward) side. This way, users will be able to see something they’ve missed or skip up to 10 seconds forward.

This isn’t a big UI change, but it will be very appreciated by users. Unfortunately, it will take some time until the YouTube team will enable the double tap to seek feature by default, because currently it’s not ready for primetime (it may be buggy).

Most likely, the upcoming features will focus on improving this feature, but there will be also other bugs to fix. So, if you want to download YouTube 11.47 APK, you can find it on the internet, on trusted third party websites such as AndroidFileHost.

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