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UCWeb is hoping to overclass other entertainment focused content providers in India. As it is part of the Alibaba Mobile Business Group, its main focal point is split in three ways. The UC Browser which is being used by mobile phones and is the company’s flagship product for more than six years, 9Apps which is an app store that is available as third-party software and last but not least UC New which is a platform where personalized content is distributed.

Following an interview with BusinessLine at the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Bengaluru, the GM of Global Markets, Kenny Ye, declared that they want to make the transition from a mobile browser company to content distribution with a clear goal in mind, to focus on Entertainment in India. They also have some goals for China, where they have a larger portfolio, some names being UC News, Apps Store, Literature, Gaming, Mobile Search and finally Entertainment.

Entertainment plays a huge role in UC Browser, being the most sought after form of content in India, topping Sports and Consumer Technology. Kenny Ye also states that entertainment content is not so widely available on the Indian Market and he wishes that UC Browser needs to fill up the void.

People from India desire full disclosure regarding entertainment content, demanding opinions and analysis. The only available information that could entertain them right now is old and outclassed. They would also want to write about their opinions thus expressing their beliefs. UCWeb is currently in negotiations with publishers, asking them to give them more access to information about musicians, celebrities and actors. Indians also want to be engaged in dialogue with the people they follow.

UCWeb recently partnered with ColorsTV and the successful Bollywood movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil thus clearing their path to a new desired destination for Indians to acces entertainment content, where they could see what’s new on this market.

UCWeb’s flagship, UC Browser exceeded 100 million active users per month, leading the market with a whopping 57 per cent.