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Launched in 2012, the 3rd generation Apple TV allows media playback from a tiny black box and supports 1080p and Bluetooth keyboards. While Apple TV 4 was already launched last year and Apple has already discontinued ATV3, this does not mean Apple TV owners cannot enjoy these devices, especially if there is a jailbreaking tool available.

While it is easy to take advantage of a jaibreaking tool and use it on the appropriate ATV model, there is still the question whether the 3rd gen ATV can be jailbroken.

Since the release of the first-generation Apple TV, three other generations followed, with Apple TV 3 launched with the iPad 3 in 2012. Since it was out in the market, the ATV3 had been updated with the last update release in February.

The 1st generation Apple TV can be easily jailbroken with the use of the Rowmote software while the ATV 2 can be jailbroken with the SeasOnPass software.

However, there is still no way to successfully jailbreak ATV3, despite numerous claims online. There had been attempts but all failed. This is why it is recommended to be wary of those who boast of having the jailbreaking tool and sharing it in exchange for money.

There is indeed one jailbreaking tool for this generation of Apple TV, the Snow3rd. While it has not yet been confirmed if this one is genuine or not, it has worked on Apple TV but not all the time. Moreover, the device should run on iOS 5.0.2 and not later, for it to work.

Experts recommend to ATV3 users to just use Plexconnect. By installing software and using Plex Media Server, they can maximize the enjoyment they have on their Apple TV without the need for a jailbreaking tool.

Meanwhile, there was already an update on ATV4 just a few a months after its release.