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Niantic is about to fix the annoying notifications bug that made Pokemon trainers believe that there is a pocket monster nearby, when in reality there isn’t any, because the game’s Nearby feature sent out incorrect vibrations. The developer told Pokemon Go players that “We are aware of and actively working on a fix for a bug that causes incorrect vibration notifications related to the Nearby Pokémon feature” and most likely, the new update will take place tomorrow, December 12.

Nearby feature was temporary removed from the game, but it was re-added and now it’s available “in most regions of the world”, but the buggy vibrations are misinforming trainers about the presence of a Pokemon creature nearby, when it’s not there.

Moreover, the players are not happy because Niantic has arranged things in the latest version of Nearby so that this feature will find Pokemon only near PokeStops, so players who live far will need to use Sightings feature to detect if there are any Pokemon close by.

Players expect the next big update to be released tomorrow, December 12th. According to rumors, there will be introduced 100 new Pokemon (second generation), alongside a new Legendary, while another change include the possibility to trade Pokemon. Also, tomorrow, players will find 10,500 new PokeStops which represent Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Sprint at RadioShack locations.

Gamers are also preparing for a Christmas event, when they will be able to customize characters with hair, clothes and other items that will be unlocked by playing the game or spending real money.

Other reports suggest that Niantic will introduce more Clefable, Clefairy, Dewgong, Seel, Snorlax, Starme and Staryu varieties of Pokemon, and it seems that the number of steps taken by players to hatch eggs and gain buddy bonuses will be reduced.

Currently, the latest version of Pokemon Go for Android users is 0.49.1, while iOS users can download version 1.19.1.