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Following the major success brought by the Halloween themed update, the company behind Pokemon Go announced that they will release another major update in December. Niantic Labs, the developing company chose not to unveil any of the new features included in the new update leaving players to wonder, but what they didn’t take in consideration is that the Pokemon Go community is filled with dataminers, and thanks to all the dataminers we already know the majority of new features.

With that being said, right now we will take a look over the most anticipated features to arrive during December.

  • Avatar Customization

Players will finally be able personalize their game avatar by changing their appearances. Pokemon Go’s source code included information about new face details such as eyes, hair and details regarding appearance like new pants, hat, and shoes. The community is also expecting Niantic Labs to introduce purchasable special suits.

  • Pokemon Gender

Dataminers were able to find that Niantic Labs addresses Pokemon by gender in their code. We can’t be sure what that means, but players are speculating that the developing company will now give players the option to hatch their own eggs. If this proves to be true, it means that Pokemon Go players will be able to combine different fighting types of Pokemon.

  • 100 New Pokemon

The game’s data includes sound files for over 100 new Pokemon. Adding the next gen Pokemon is a great move from Niantic Labs, because players have been asking for new Pokemon for a while now and the addition of 100 new ones will give players something new to grind for. The most exciting thing is that we don’t know which will be the new Pokemon and we have to wait for Monday to find out.

  • Game Tweaks

One of the most annoying problems Pokemon Go players faced was that the Sighting and Nearby systems were flawed and players had a difficult time while catching Pokemon. The game’s developers have been listening to the feedback they were receiving and finally decided to fix the problem.