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Minecraft is one of the most popular games out there on both desktop and mobile devices. Inside this game you can do lots of things and today we will talk about what a YouTuber has managed to create inside this awesome game.

The YouTuber’s username is SethBling and he has emulated the Atari 2600 inside the Minecraft game. He managed to do this thanks to the game’s command blocks, which are actually acting as the brains of the operation.

However, you should not get too excited, as even if SethBling has provided a tool to load Atari ROMs into Minecraft, it seems that you will be able to play the game at around 60 frames per… 4 hours. We have to agree that the project is awesome and you should see it in a way to explain how games are actually created.

SethBling has managed to assemble an array of more than 2000 command blocks in his design. He configured the blocks in a way that they read stone and dirt as either ones or zeros. We remind you that when an Atari game is pushed into Minecraft, it resolves itself as a 4 kilo-block chuck of land, a three-dimensional representation of raw game code. This clearly shows how powerful Minecraft is and how many things you can do inside this simple game.

This means that thanks to SethBling’s tools, a teacher could learn kids programming and other stuffs that are way easier to understand inside a video game. You can already download the world that SethBling has created and test it yourself on your Minecraft game.

Below we will give you a short explanation about SethBling’s Atari 2600 on Minecraft game:

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