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Today we will talk about iOS 10 and some top tips and tricks that you can use on this mobile operating system.

Saving Storage Space

As you already know, the iPhones don’t come with memory card slots, which means that most of the time you will run out of space. Well, on iOS 10, you have the possibility to remove music that you haven’t played in a while by heading to Settings->Music->Optimize Storage and enable “Optimize Storage”.

Sending Smaller Photos in iMessage

You can send low quality images using the iMessage application and to do this, you will need to the following:

  • Go to Settings->Messages
  • Enable the “Low Quality Image Mode”.

It’s quite useful if you want to send a lot of photos via iMessages, but you have a poor signal or you don’t have too much mobile data available in your monthly plan.

Prioritizing App Installations

Are you installing multiple applications on your iPhone or you are recovering the handset? Well, we’re pretty sure that you have some “preferred” applications that you will want to be installed first. There is a way to “force” an application to be “prioritized” when multiple applications are waiting to be installed on your device. You will need to long press on any application that’s waiting to be installed, and select “Prioritize Download” option (3D Touch is required).

How To Find The Location Of Your Car

You’re in a supermarket, but you’ve totally forgotten where you’ve parked your car? You can use Apple Maps to find where you have parked it, but keep in mind that the mobile device needs to be paired with your car and the Bluetooth needs to be activated on your car.

Making Unlock Function The Way It Used To

Apple has worked on the way you unlock your iPhone with the Touch ID sensor, but this new feature is quite annoying. However, there is a way to make it function like it did in iOS 9. To make unlock function the way it used to in iOS 9 head to your device’s Settings->General->Accessibility->Home Button and enable “Rest Finger to Open”.

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