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Is the Huawei Mate 9 a burden to hold in one hand or are you just looking for a way to organize your apps? We managed to put together some practical advice that will enhance your experience and make you more productive with the Chinese giant’s flagship smartphone.

Make Use Of An App Drawer

Implementing an app overview and thus making the wishes of users come true, Huawei made it easier to store apps which are not used so frequently instead of having them all sit on the home screen. This feature is available in the settings menu, under Home Screen Style.

Using The Dual-SIM feature

The NHA-L29 model supports dual SIM usage. If one is to choose two SIM cards instead of one, the Huawei Mate 9 is worth for anyone. You’ll need to create a widget that will be placed on the screen via the Dual card management.

Give Your Display The Content Boost It Needs

Not using its screen to the fullest is a common problem encountered with most smartphones nowadays and the 5.9 inches display of the Mate 9 makes no exception. Luckily, there is a solution for that. Users can reduce the fonts and icons in order for more content to fit onto the display. Accessing the settings menu, the view mode and text size can be modified to fulfill your needs.

Exploiting The Screenshot Function

One of the most impressive screenshot functions is to be found with Huawei. You could bump your knuckle on to the display to take a screenshot. Another brilliant option is that you can opt for multiple screen pages shot by double tapping the screen with your knuckle thus starting a recording process.

Managing Volume Profiles

A smartphone might prove to be a bit problematic in an office environment, especially when it rings. The other downside is missing an important call when it doesn’t. The Huawei Mate 9 came up with an ingenious solution that lets users manage volume profiles. Do not disturb lets you define notifications and clocks and set a sound or vibration. It’s so smart that you can set the phone to enter that mode only when you have accepted a meeting on a calendar.

Staying Connected With Chromecast

Being known to have some issues with the WiFi peripherals and especially with Google’s Chromecast, this issue can be easily solved by disabling the WiFi plus in order to allow this type of connection to work.

 One-handed use

If you swipe the home button to both left and right you can reduce the screen’s size to make it easier to operate the device with just one hand. If the feature proves a nuisance it can be disabled under Intelligence Support then clicking on UI One-handed Mode

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