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The most popular Android app ever is definitely Google Play Store mainly because the store is filled with everything an Android user could ever ask for starting with the top trending apps like Instagram, Facebook and going up to millions of different developer apps.

What makes the store stand out is the way it categorized each of its apps that help users find them way easier and it also saves them time.

Google confirmed earlier this month that they are looking to make some changes to their Play Store, but they didn’t go into too much detail and left us to wonder on what features will they install, but it looks like the smart search function is the one. Everyone is used by now that whenever they search for an app or game on Google Play Store they will be offered a few suggestions while typing a word in the search bar and this saves everyone a lot of time. Google knows that too well and because of that they will implement a new smart suggestions feature.

The newer and smarter feature will automatically fill the suggestion query with different apps that fit the user’s category. This feature is not only great because it provides users with faster searches and it saves up time but it also gives Google information about what kind of apps Android users are looking for.

Google is likely to add this new feature because they also used the same smart system for their search browser and it proved to be a great addition. The new app search engine will work similar to Google’s other Image search suggestions.

Everybody knows by now that Google is a top quality firm and they provide their customers with only the best services there are. We can be sure that as soon as the new smart search system goes through all its testing phase Google will instantly roll it out.