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Facebook for Windows 10 has received a new beta update for PCs and tablets and users can download version from the Microsoft Store. This new update comes with a new welcome screen that promotes Windows10’s new specific features of Facebook app, such as Social Panel, pinning the Live Tile of the app to the start menu and taskbar and sharing content to the app from Windows 10.

The latest beta update of Facebook for Windows 10 was released on December 10 and it may come with bugs and glitches that users are encouraged to report to the developers by selecting the “Report a Problem” option from the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

The previous beta update added small changes to the app, making it easier for users to log into the app while they’re logged in from a browser. Before this update, users had to manually enter their account credentials manually into the application, but now they will simply tap the “Log in with Browser” option and their credentials will be remembered, which means that they will automatically sign in.

In the near future, Facebook is expected to add new features such as Instant articles and support for video casting to TVs, but it’s unclear when the firm will begin rolling out them to its Windows 10 user base.

Currently, Facebook for Windows 10 is a ported version of the app for Android and iOS, so it’s behind with the latest features, and many Windows 10 users feel like they’re treated as second class citizens.

Let’s not forget that a few days ago, Facebook removed GIF support from Windows 10 Mobile’s Messenger app, although users are still able to receive GIFs from other Facebook Messenger users. This regression was criticized by users who also noticed that voice and video calling feature was removed as soon as it was implemented in the Windows mobile app.