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It seems that Pokémon Go has put a lot of pressure on “Clash of Clans”, as developers of the latter game have worked quite hard in the past months to bring new features to the game, but they’ve also fixed some of the annoying issues.

It is good to know that over the past months, “Pokémon Go” has taken much of the spotlight. According to reports, many Clash of Clans players have decided to ditch the game and try out the Pokémon Go. However, it seems that this didn’t last too much, as Pokémon Go is losing a good amount of gamers every day.

This is the perfect time for Supercell to react and release a new update for its Clash of Clans game. By bringing a new update right now, it will not only bring back the gamers that left, but also convince some new ones to try it out.

According to the latest rumors, the Clash of Clans December update will bring virtual reality to the game. Virtual Reality might be a really good addition to the game and it might attract a good amount of players. After all, not many games have this feature and everyone will just want to try it out, but they also might fall in “love” with the game during this “process”.

The new Clash of Clans update will probably bring some new buildings to the game. There are rumors which say that the new buildings will be water-based and that the players will be able to craft ships. To make things even better, the new update might also bring the “Red Barbarian King”. Unfortunately, there is no information about this new hero and what skills and stats will have.

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