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With all the messaging apps out there competing for the attention of the users, it can sometimes be challenging when it comes to choosing the perfect app that will work for you. In case you have not tried it, WhatsApp is one application worth checking out.

Aside from being acquired by Facebook in 2014 for about $19 billion, a proof that this messaging app is worth a second look, so to speak, this app had also been downloaded one billion times by February this year. Moreover, there have been several updates in the past months which meant that the service has improved and new features have been introduced.

What is the latest WhatsApp update?

The latest update from WhatsApp was a few days ago, with the version 2.16.382.  If you intend to download the app via the Play Store, ensure that you have more than enough memory in your mobile device. The file is 17.89MB in size.

New features have been added, including the new WhatsApp Video Calling. Since this app is a free app and will work so long as there is internet connection, it is easier and more enjoyable get connected. However, it is important to remember that although this app is free, data charges may apply.

With the video calling feature, you are able to make video calls to friends who also have the app installed on their devices. What’s great is that you can now talk to them face-to-face and see them in real time. Your calls will be more personal and authentic since you will be seeing the reaction of the person you are talking to.

Two other new features that came with the update now allows you to send and receive GIFs and to play videos right away without having to wait for them to download first. This is on top of the existing features of WhatsApp, such as sending and receiving video, image and audio files. Emojis can also be sent and received which makes connecting with loved ones and friends more exciting.

Meanwhile, a new update on WhatsApp beta also came out that you might find interesting.