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In the past months, Facebook has focused a lot on video content, encouraging users to stream live or to upload pre-recorded videos and everything is going well on both the desktop and mobile version. But Android users weren’t able to upload videos in high-definition and thanks to the latest update, HD video support has been added.

Facebook users who installed the latest version of the app on their Android smartphones have noticed a new toggle that reads “Upload Videos in HD”. This feature has been awaited for a while and it’s great to see it finally available on most Android devices, as it started rolling out on December 7.

There are some users who haven’t received this option yet, but the update will be available for their devices in the next few days and they will be finally able to upload HD videos to Facebook from their Android smartphones.

Aside from HD video upload support, the developers have added other features such as picture-in-picture video and the option to choose the exact resolution of the video that will be uploaded.

Also, videos can be downloaded for offline viewing, and videos can be watched with a resolution between 72p and 360p. It’s not known when all these features will come to Android, but we’re guessing that this will happen very soon.

While this update has made happy many Android users, a new glitch has worried iOS users who were affected by it. It seems that suddenly, Facebook has “decided” to repost old statuses without users’ permission.

The previous blunder has gotten two million people “killed”, along with the Facebook CEO, as their profiles were memorialized without getting a proof of death from friends and families of the “deceased”. And another embarrassing moment happened last month, when Mark Zuckerberg’s account was temporarily suspended by mistake.