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Apple has just released a new beta of the upcoming macOS Sierra 10.12.2 update and it’s available for developers and public beta testers. This update comes a few days after Apple has seeded the fifth 10.12.2 beta and over a month after macOS 10.12.1 has been released to the public.

If you want to download macOS Sierra 10.12.2 beta 6, you’ll do it through the Apple Developer Center or using the software update mechanism that’s in the Mac App Store.

According to the change-long, this new beta comes with new emoji, so you’ll notice new Unicode 9 characters such as selfie, clown face, face palm, fox, shark, owl, butterfly, bacon and many more, as well as profession emoji that represent both make and female genders.

In addition, the existing emoji have been updated to look more realistic and less cartoonish. macOS Sierra 10.12.2 will also include new wallpapers, bringing the color explosion options that Apple has used in previous iPhone marketing materials.

Aside from the new emoji and wallpapers, the sixth beta of the 10.12.2 update brings important fixes to the graphics issue and the Time Machine crashing issue, both impacting the new MacBook Pro.

Apple has released macOS Sierra in September with new features such as Apple Pay for the web, Apple Watch auto unlocking, Picture-in-Picture multitasking, Siri support and improved iCloud Drive integration, as well as other small features.

On the other hand, it seems that iOS has a battery bug that affected many iPhone models, which has been named the 30 percent bug, because when the device reaches 30 percent battery charge, it’s suddenly dropped to 1 percent, then it’ shut down.

So far, there isn’t any solution, as the problem still persists even if users downgrade to iOS 10.1 or upgrade to iOS 10.2 beta. Hopefully, the bug will be fixed in the final release of iOS 10.2.