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For quite some time, Samsung Gear VR dominated the niche for the mobile VR headset. However, with the coming of Google Daydream View, the Oculus-power gadget has finally met its match. Now that gaming enthusiasts have options, which one is the better choice?

Design and Make

The Samsung Gear VR is made of plastic material with a matte finish. It also has clips located on both sides of the headset to secure the phone once it is slipped into the cover. However, in order to accommodate the mobile device, the cover needs to be removed. The Gear VR is also designed with a middle head strap. It also has a micro-USB port for connecting the phone.

The Google Daydream View, on the other hand, is made of breathable fabric that is soft and comfortable as well as a plastic frame. Instead of clips, this headset comes with a clamshell cover and a single elastic strap situated on the upper part of the gadget to secure the smartphone. While it does not have a middle strap like its counterpart, the cheaper Daydream View does not slip from the face even after hours of use. Moreover, its material can be slightly bent, making it easier to carry around and connection to the phone is done wirelessly.

In terms of weight, the Gear VR is heavier than its competitor at 318 grams as opposed to 220 grams. This is because the Samsung device comes with bulky hardware, which includes sensors that can detect when it is worn and improve detection of movement. This way, there is no need to depend on the sensors of the phone.

In the aspect of comfort when worn, however, both pass the test, although Google’s Daydream VR is considered to be more comfortable. Conversely, for the interactive features, the Gear VR is designed with a trackpad and back button for navigation, a focus adjustment wheel on the head mount and buttons for volume adjustments. On the part of the Google Daydream View, it has a controller equipped with nine sensors as well as a directional pad. In the controller, there are buttons for volume adjustment, home button and an extra button. It also comes with a Type-C USB port for charging the unit.


In this aspect, the Samsung Gear VR triumphs over the Google Daydream View since it is backed up by Oculus and it also has its dedicated apps: Bomb Squad and EVE: Gunjack. Conversely, the Daydream View has Harry Potter Wizarding World and Digital mini-gold. Moreover, apps for watching videos are available from several sources, such as, HBO, YouTube and Hulu, among others.

Compatibility with Devices

For now, the Gear VR is compatible with Samsung phones, such as, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus. Perhaps, it will also work with the upcoming Galaxy S7 (2017) before the year end. The Daydream View, as expected is only compatible with Google’s Pixel phones.

As for iPhone compatibility, both devices cannot be used with iPhones. Both mobile VR handsets promise interesting features. Whichever is the better choice depends on which one caters to the preference of the user and that varies in each person.