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Apple’s innovative thinking backfired back in September when the company unveiled its latest iPhone 7. Even though the iPhone 7 is considered to be successful in regards of sales, the device didn’t generate as much enthusiasm from customers as Apple was used to.

The main reason behind that is because Apple removed the classical 3.5mm audio jack and opted instead for wireless headphones. The U.S. tech giant removed the headphone port because that helped them make the device thinner and eventually increase their profits because Apple users are now required to buy expensive adaptors.

Now it looks like Apple’s rival Samsung, is following the trend. Recent reports are pointing out that the upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship device will also ship without a 3.5mm jack. The reason behind this change is because Samsung wants to make the mobile device slimmer and install the new USB Type-C ports, which will provide users with higher audio quality. This is a bold move coming from the South Korean based company, especially when thinking about the amount of flack Apple has received for doing the same modification.

The reason why all major tech companies are removing the standard audio jack is because technology is evolving everyday and completely wireless smartphones seem to be the future.

In fact, there already are a bunch of reports that show Apple is testing wireless charging pods. If this proves to be true and Apple does bundle their upcoming iPhone 8 with a wireless charging pod, Apple’s flagship will become the first completely wireless mobile device and this will surely give iPhones an edge over their competition, something which they really need right now.

Samsung has yet to confirm this modification but, for now we can just hope that they keep the 3.5mm jack and don’t replace it with a USB Type-C port. Right now all we can do is to wait for Samsung to unveil their Galaxy S8 during February 2017.