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Bethesda, the major game producer has been really busy as of late with all the projects the company is working on. The latest major release that came from Bethesda was the VR edition of the widely popular Fallout 4 game in which players got a chance to experience the post apocalyptic world through VR headsets.

Even though there wasn’t that much VR content players were still happy with what they received and seeing how enthusiastic fans got, Bethesda promised that they will launch a full Fallout 4 VR version in the next years.

Adapting older games to the latest virtual technology might take them a while and fans shouldn’t get too excited about the game. The real question right now is whether Bethesda should focus their attention over to Fallout 4 VR or to a new Elder Scrolls game. This is a tough one, but I think Bethesda fans might opt in for another installment in the Elder Scrolls franchise.

The latest Elder Scrolls game was Skyrim and it was a great success. The game received so much praise mainly because of the free roam abilities it gave players, the great story line and immersive world.

Skyrim is regarded as one of the best games ever because it had something for everyone. Players could either choose to play as barbaric warrior that wielded a large sword in one hand and a shield in the other or as a mage that could make fire rain down on his enemies.

The next installment in the Elder Scrolls franchise was supposed to come out this year but instead, the developers chose to release a re-mastered version of the game. The main motive behind this choice was because they have big plans for Elder Scrolls: 6 and because the necessary technology isn’t available yet.

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