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There are a lot of apps in Apple’s AppStore, and most of the best ones have a price tag. While there are some good free apps around, surely there are a few paid apps that you would love to get. Now might be your chance, as a series of normally paid apps have become free on the AppStore for a limited time.

The tricky part is that it is unknown for how long these apps will remain free, so it is best to grab them as soon as possible if you have the intention of profiting from this holiday-spirited gesture from the app developers.

Let’s take a look at the apps that have been made free. Who knows, there just might be something for you among the selection of free (for now) apps.


Kool is a very useful app in a lot of cases. A lot of OS developers have tried to implement features that are similar in functionality to what Kool offers, but their creations are at the very least lackluster. Kool allows you to convert speech into text and then forward the results to popular apps and functions. This means that you can use Kool to verbally transmit a message and then use the app to send it as text to either your phone’s messaging app or even WhatsApp or email. It usually costs $4, but it has been made available for free as of recently.

Noogra Nuts

Normally available for $3, this fun little game can entertain you for as long as you allow it to. It follows a traditional “earn points and spend them on upgrades for your character” structure, and features a squirrel that you play as, trying to crack as many falling nuts as you can, using only your head. You can buy different hats with the points you earn which give the squirrel certain abilities.


Hexaphone is for your inner, casual musician. It provides a fun and equipped platform where you can utilize background drum loops and other accessories to enhance your keyboard tunes (Oh yeah, you have a digital keyboard to play on).

You can also export your creations once you’re done creating and adding customizations. On a normal day, this app goes for $3, but today is not one of those days.

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